Known for playing prominent characters in Brazilian cinema, actor Milhem Cortaz auditions to play the first Brazilian villain in the "Call of Duty" saga. In the format of a short film, "The Audition" follows Cortaz's meticulous preparation to play the role of antagonist in the context of a tactical mission, common in Call Of Duty campaigns. To this end, the narrative follows the actor in a deep immersion in his acting process, which uses devices and procedures from the method created by Russian Constantin Stanislavski. The process presents a gradual change in the actor with the lightness and fun characteristic of the Brazilian, while also taking the audience into the game's universe.

AD: Leone Damiao, Marcos Lee
CW: Daniel Neme, Arlindo Christian
CD: Christiano Vellutini

Film director: Steve Bruno - Kaus
Retouche: Gabriel Barbosa

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